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Post-Covid Crisis in Education in Laos

The post-Covid era is seeing Laos face a crisis in the field of education which is affecting government and non-profit schools such as Sunshine School. Prior to the Covid pandemic and lockdowns Sunshine School had 380 students and 50 staff. In 2022-23, numbers dropped to 280 students. Now we have had to move out of expensive rented premises in central Vientiane. Due to the increased distance impacting the already pressed economic hardships of parents, we expect our 2023-2024 student numbers to further drop to less than 150 students with 35 staff.

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Types of Full Sponsorships

School Fees Only: 

  • 1,000,000 LAK per month for 11 months
    (Monthly USD 50)

Fees and transportation to and from school:  

  • 1,450,000 LAK per month for 11 months
    (Monthly USD 75)

Fees, transportation & extra-curricular activities (Tuition, sports, creative arts):

  •  1,750,000 LAK per month for 11 months
    (Monthly USD 90)

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Types of Partial Sponsorships

Transportation Subsidies for fee-paying students: (For non sponsored students)


Our students love the school and do not want to move. But with transportation fuel prices at an all-time high,
their parents are in a dilemma as the move to a new location means increased transportation fees and time.
Transportation subsidies for another 30 students could enable them to stay at our school.

  • Suggested subsidies range from $10 - $25 a month (40% - 100% of full costs),
    payable over 11 months, once or twice a year.


Regular Progress Updates to Sponsors

We hope to pair one sponsor with one child to encourage a relationship, though shared sponsorships may
also be workable. The school and the parents will follow up with news of the sponsored student’s progress and with photos every two months to keep the sponsors abreast of the activities of ‘their’ student and his/her family.

Sponsor a student - Contact Us

Type of Sponsorship

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