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About Totoon

Age 7

Totoon is the youngest of three brothers. The oldest graduated primary at our school and now studies at a middle school where his grandmother used to teach and that is near his house. This is because his mother can’t bring all three of them to our school on one motorbike. Totoon is an active boy and loves to enjoy all kinds of activities such as sports, dance, swimming & singing. He’s still young so is not as focused at his studies as his older brother, Tern, but when his mother has explained the importance of something he gets on with it.

tern & totoon family 2_edited_edited.jpg

Totoon and Tern's Family

Their mother and father met and married while they were working at our school. The dad’s field is IT and he now works for another company. And his mum’s work is book-keeping. Theirs is a marriage between two of the biggest of the 65 ethnic groups in Laos. As such the boys are exposed to two cultures and languages at home.

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