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About Joshi

Age 12

Joshi is confident and out-going. He throws himself eagerly into activities he’s interested in and especially loves to play football. He’d like to become a professional footballer when he’s older. He is artistic and loves to make up storylines, then take and edit his own videos and post them on his Tiktok and Facebook pages. He has won prizes for his imaginative drawings.

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Joshi's Family

Joshi and Numneung’s father has a career in the army and is currently engaged in army administration work. Their mother, Jock was one of the original staff of Sunshine School. She writes, “Sunshine, my second home, is where I grew into the person that I am today.” Jock started working at Sunshine when she was 17 years old as a kitchen assistant, and then a kindergarten English class assistant. The school sponsored her to complete a BA English and has sent her. on several local and overseas training tours. Now she is assistant to the deputy director.


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