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About Noon

Age 5

Noon, like her sister Dina, is smart. She remembers quickly and well the lessons that her teachers impart. She will be one of the youngest in her Grade 1 class in 2023-24. She has a very even-tempered and friendly personality. She likes to cook. She also enjoys sharing videos of her home performances of dance and song. She loves drama and engages in fantasy role play with her friends such as being shop keepers or restauranteers. She also likes to do meditation.

Noon, Dina and Newton's Family

Their mum is a high school maths and science teacher. Their dad does book-keeping at government dental hospital. They live in a public housing apartment block along with many other families of government hospital staff. They really appreciate the opportunities that their children have at Sunshine to nurture their highest potential and to match their knowledge and skills with students on an international level.

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