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Become a Sponsor for 2023 - 2024

From September 2023, we will be opening our primary and middle school at our newly constructed location. Due to the increased distance and economic hardships (90% devaluation and high inflation) impacting the parents, however, only 50% of our previous students have enrolled. We find ourselves facing a critical situation. To support our school, our staff and their families, we are seeking sponsors for the monthly school fees of 1,000,000 LAK ($50 USD) for 20 students who up till now had been attending Sunshine School free of charge. The income from sponsors would help ensure that the school to cover basic running costs for the coming year.

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Sponsor a Student

These students are hungry to learn, eager to share their knowledge, and are ready to chase their dreams. Their parents, some of whom are school staff, are actively engaged in the children’s education, to ensure that the kids can realize their amazing potential. Our sponsors can enable them to achieve their goals, as well as enabling their parents can continue to work in a fulfilling environment with salary enough to meet the rising costs of living.

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