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About Phawan

Age 5

Phawan just loves to sing and dance which she does all the time at home. She’s very expressive and humourous at home and and also while playing with her friends at home. At school, however, she is more reserved and quiet. In September she will go up to the Kindergarten 3 or the pre-primary class. She already knows most of her Lao letters and numbers too. She’s a bit scared of all kinds of animals, including insects, but with the encouragement of her mum, she’s trying to be braver.

Phawan's Family

Phawan is the only child of her parents. Her mum is a kitchen worker and her dad is a labourer. They are so grateful to have the opportunity for Phawan to study at Sunshine School. They appreciate that each child gets to express their own talents and they love that she can learn not only Lao, but also English and Chinese too.

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