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About Jacky

Age 7

Jacky has a warm and out-going personality. He loves numbers and can count in English and Lao and knows most of his times tables. He likes to build with Lego and to do jigsaw puzzles. He is not shy to express himself, also to older people, or to perform in front of others. He loves animals. When he sees one of ex-volunteers has brought her dog to visit, Jacky runs up to her to make sure he gets in his dog-patting time.

Jacky's family1.jpg

Jacky's Family

Jacky as a younger baby sister, Patty. His mother is a kindergarten teacher who was also trained and introduced to our school by Ms. Xuyen Dangers, a social worker (see more details in Bobby or Kitty’s family blurb). His father is a labourer.

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