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About Numneung

Age 14

Numneung is a thoughtful and polite young woman. She also likes to have fun and socialize with friends at school. Like many Sunshine students, she has grown up to be self-expressive and confident in her own abilities, especially in speaking English. She loves to draw and other expressions of visual and musical arts.


Numneung's Family

Numneung and Joshi’s father has a career in the army and is currently engaged in army administration work. Their mother, Jock was one of the original staff of Sunshine School. She writes, “Sunshine, my second home, is where I grew into the person that I am today.” 

In early days Jock and her sister used to stay overnight at the school so that they could open their mother’s nearby market stall in the early morning. Jock and her kids still sleep at the school sometimes, to have a break from the long ride home together on one motorbike.

Jock writes, “I know that many, staff, students, parents and alumni, would love to see Sunshine expand to senior high school because they also hold a special place in their hearts for this school.”

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